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You need Tenflex, if

  • Are you feeling soreness after exercise
  • You have a repetitive movement job or hobby
  • You are sportsmen and want to avoid injuries in tendons and ligaments
  • You are going to physio for some discomfort
  • You are an active person over '30s
  • You are just a very healthy lifestyle person and want to keep this way
  • ​You have problems with the pelvic floor, like weakening after giving birth or aging
  • You have tendinitis (wrist, knee, elbow, etc.)
  • You tried other collagen supplements
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Why Tenflex?

As not other supplements

Tenflex is created and elaborated for the highest absorption

(We separate molecules of collagen type 1 until Bio-Active Peptides.)

Tenflex helps to reduce inflammation and pain naturally.

Will avoid chronicity of the injury.

Tenflex has the highest amounts of each and every ingredient.

We do achieve results.

No product on market focuses on the soft tissues like ligaments and tendons' collagen structure improving.

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What is Tenflex?

Tenflex® is presented in a box containing 30 envelopes of

powder for oral dissolution.

Tenflex® improves the

structure of tendons, ligaments, and fasciae and produces a rapid decrease in pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory components.


Tenflex® helps to regenerate tendons and ligaments thanks to

its components that stimulate collagen production and have a

rapid action on symptoms, allowing results to be noticed before the first month!

It enhances the synthesis of type I collagen, improves

the reorganization of collagen fibers helps to restore the

balance of the extracellular matrix of connective tissue and

reduces inflammation and pain.

Tenflex ® has been on the market since 2017 and has different clinical studies that support its effectiveness and that have not shown side effects.
                                                   Did You know?
"There are approximately 4,000 tendons in the human body and approximately 900 ligaments which use every day."

Ligaments are made of fibrous collagen tissue that connects bones together at the joint to stabilize the joint, support the bones and prevent the bones from grinding into each other.

Tendons are fibrous cords, similar to a rope, and are made of collagen. They attach muscles to the bone. Each time you move a part of your body, you use tendons.

Our Studies

Our testimonies

Thanks to Tenflex I can continue doing my professional dance career.

For my type of tendinitis, there is no much treatment...

Diego Arias Prado, Top Professional Dancer

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