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Tenflex® is very safe, with no known security problems.

Tenflex ® has been on the market since 2017 and has different

clinical studies that support its effectiveness and that have not

shown side effects.

Tenflex is unique in the market food supplement which focuses on ligaments and tendons with collagen type 1 and all other ingredients to support the molecular restructure which will help to avoid tendons or ligament injuries, as well helps to regenerate and cure existing damage with physiotherapy combination.

What is the difference from other supplements?

This supplement is made by the pharmaceutical company Arafarma which has strict control over doctors and studies products before launching to customers. In the laboratory, all ingredients have been certified and passed quality controls. The amounts are significantly more and the special combination of ingredients increases the effect too, rather than intake them separately.

Compared to most the other supplements are made in food production companies that have lower controls, no studies, and less quality, and quantity which leads to lower pricing as well.

Tenflex food supplement tendons and ligaments
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The sad truth is...

90% of people take multiple supplements daily that unfortunately absorb only a few percent of benefits and, as a result, are not effective on the body, so they keep on buying more supplements and finishing with a full drawer in the kitchen on small bottles.

TENFLEX is made specially to deliver each ingredient to the body, so that makes it bioavailable(high absorption) and, most importantly, has very generous amounts which bring to result within 1 month!
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Tenflex is a food supplement that aims to improve and recover the structural quality of your tendons and ligaments.

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Who needs tenflex?

Children - in an age of fast-growing will support and will strengthen all tendons and ligaments in the body, as muscles are growing fast tendons and ligaments need to grow fast but not always can maintain good structure inside which will bring kind of injury or soreness.

Recent moms - after giving natural childbirth, the best for a new mom is to take of her recovery. Such as pelvic floor treatment with Tenflex. 

Because muscles can be trained afterward slowly but for tendons and ligaments of the same muscles is much harder the recovery process.

Sportsmen - daily repetitive movement training is a big stress on tendons and ligaments. Tenflex will provide a necessary nutritive 'food' for tendons and ligaments structure to avoid unpleasant damage.

Aging signs - after 20 years the collagen levels in the body drop by 1% each year.

Natural production needs external help if You want to remain in a good shape longer.

How long should I take it?

Recommended length of daily Tenflex is from 3 to 6 months time.

But You will feel a difference after 1 month, to let finish the regeneration the collagen structure will be necessary to continue for up to 3 months to 6 months, then if Your injury is chronic as is a supplement and not medicine daily use is required.

In case of keep doing the same effort with the same damaged tendon or ligament we suggest on keep taking Tenflex continuously.

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